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Wings of Angels Model Spotlight ~ Victoria Elder

Had an amazing conversation with Victoria Elder as she is getting ready to spend a wonderful Christmas with her family in Texas in preparation for the Wings of Angels Model Spotlight. She was born in the heart of Texas and has lived there her whole life until moving to Los Angeles three years ago. Hard to believe that living in the heart of Texas, she doesn't eat meat, which her family thinks is just weird. She is a huge football fan in both college and professional football. Born January 2nd, Victoria shares one of her favorite Christmas traditions was collecting Christmas ornaments with her sister until they were 18, so being able to look back at all those ornaments gives her time to reflect on all the changes in her life that have happened over the years.

1. Who have been your role models and what about them do you admire?

That is easy, it would be my dad. Even though he passed away during my senior year in High School, his kindness in everything he did and to everyone was unforgettable. He never missed one of my volleyball games and was known as the "water boy" for always bringing a chest of water to the games. He was so well loved that they cancelled school so that students could attend his funeral. That shows what a huge impact he had in people's lives and not just mine.

My 9th grade English teacher as well. He inspired me to be a better writer and was constantly pushing me to never settle for anything in my life. He never let you get comfortable with what you thought was your best. And yes, I did get those assignments turned back in to me with red pen, but he was always creative in his comments so I never saw that as a bad thing. I continue to use that inspiration in everything in my life today!

2. How has modeling been important to you in the Wings of Angels Project?

We had a great opportunity to do a signing at an air show and it just being around the planes played a pivotal part of my life. They (the planes) are truly an emotional piece and just being around them, you can't help but be affected by the stories they could tell if they could talk. Just to know the role these planes played in history is so incredible and emotional.

3. What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment?

Spending my senior year of high school going to Nicaragua and helping in the orphanages there, teaching these amazing kids about drama and just seeing the profound difference of what I was doing in their lives. It's like my English teacher taught me to never be satisfied and to do greater things with your life. This one experience, even now looking back, is one that is truly unforgettable and one I am glad I took part in.

4. Looking back at your modeling or acting career, is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

Hmm, not necessarily different I would say, I just wish I would have done things earlier. Looking back I could see where if I would have pushed myself to do things earlier instead of simply waiting on different areas could have benefited me sooner.

5. If you could have been born into any period of time in history, which one would you pick and why?

Oh that's easy. Mid 40's to early 50's. I LOVE the clothes. Truly a classic fit. The clothes looked sexy but done in a classy way, not a trashy one. It was like the white picket fence time and things were just much different than they are now. More classic!

6. What is your favorite picture that Michael has taken of you?

It would be the picture Mike took of me in front of the plane saluting. I love the Navy, the formal uniforms, and just that classy look. By far my favorite branch of the service.

7. What is one thing most people don't know about you?

That I'm obsessed with Celine Dion. Everyone thinks that is so weird, but I love her. My life is pretty much an open book and most people know everything about me. I hate drinking out of a can or even watching people do that truly grosses me out. That and buffets. Ever since watching a show on the Discovery Channel about bacteria, I can't eat at one.

8. What is it like working with Michael on the Wings of Angels Project?

I LOVE HIM!!! He is my favorite photographer I have ever worked with. He gives you good direction and does it in a way that is clear so you can really understand. I love the shot in my video where he was telling me about the "A" "E" "I" "O" and "U." He has great wisdom and when he talks to you, he does it in a humble way. I've worked with people who give no direction or yell at you, but working with Mike, is he is easy to be around. He is always great at keeping me in the know and staying in touch. I've worked with people in the past and once things are done, I don't hear anything from them.

Well that wraps up our interview with Victoria Elder, Wings of Angels Model in this week's Model Spotlight. Thanks to Victoria for taking time out of her day to answer these questions and to let you know just a little bit more about who she is. I'll leave you with a look at the Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot video of Victoria Elder's.

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Sponsor Credits on Photos include: Robert Austin Photography, LTW Custom Cosmetics, Ellie Shoes, Betty Paige Clothing, Secrets in Lace Lingerie, Hair and Make Up by Martin Christopher, Yanks Air Museum. 

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