Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Fun Facts ~ How Monopoly Helped POWs Escape!

We have all played the board game Monopoly at some point in our lives but who would have ever thought the it would have helped in the escape of thousands of Allied Prisoners of War from German camps?

Today's Fun Fact from World War II show cases just how Monopoly played a key role in helping the Allied POW's escape the German Camps.

Germany allowed the Red Cross to send care packages to POW's and among the items that could be sent were board games. Special Monopoly boxes were created that contained items that helped the prisoners escape.

  • German, French and Italian money currency was hidden within the Monopoly money.
  • A metal file was hidden within the board. 
  • A small compass was hidden in a play piece.
  • Silk maps of the prison and it's location were hidden inside the hotel pieces. 

Just another interesting but fun fact you may have not known about Monopoly and World War II. Now you can share with family and friends just how important a board game was to helping in the war effort for Allied POWs.

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