Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Limited Edition Numbered and Signed Wings of Angels Publishing Pack Giveaway

This is definitely one opportunity you won't want to miss out on) I am giving away one Wings of Angels Limited Edition Publishing Pack. This is a Promotion Pack that was presented to publishers as an invitation to be the one to publish the Wings of Angels Book. This gave publishers an idea of how the Wings of Angels book might look if they chose to take part in this endeavor. It was truly a one of a kind Limited Edition gift to the publishers. There was only 25 created and I happen to have one left just for one lucky winner of this giveaway.

So what does this publishing pack include? I can tell you from personal experience as Michael's sister, in seeing this close up from that just the packaging alone is incredible with Claire Sinclair on the cover. This Wings of Angels Publishing Pack box alone was hand crafted personally to house the items you will find inside. The box measures 1 1/8 inches thick, by 17 3/4 inches long by 11 3/4 inches wide. Inside you will find a mock up draft induction notice, project overview sheets and detailed book description, a Wings of Angels Newspaper Front Page, an 11 x 17 print on silver metallic paper of cover model Claire Sinclair with embossed logo, a sample of Jessamyne Rose's mock up book layout which includes (2) pages of black and white prints, (2) pages of color prints, and (2) pages of sepia tone prints;  A sponsor sample proof sheets of Claire Sinclair, Alexa Rajcova, Sarah Barton, Rosie the Riveter (features all three Rosie's used for the book, Lexie Weege, Amanda Varela, and Angela Riccio,) which each sponsor sheet showcases 8 different images per sheet; (3) mock up vintage Coca Cola ads featuring Alexa Rajcova, Claire Sinclair, and Kacie Marie. All prints in this publishing pack measure 11 x 17 and are hand numbered and signed by Michael Malak. 

This gives you a sneak peek of what the Wings of Angels Book will look like before any one else gets an opportunity to see it. Just by Michael giving me one, I know I can't part with any of the prints, and just getting this from Michael completely made an incredible once in a lifetime Christmas gift for me. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on any opportunity to get your hands on this. There will not be any more of these publishing packs created. If you are a Wings of Angels Collector, you'll definite want THIS one!!!

 So here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Be a follower of Wings of Angels Project Blog. 

2. "Like" my Malak Facebook page. If you have already "Liked" my Facebook page, leave me a comment on this post on Facebook.

3. This giveaway is open world wide but please No P.O. Boxes.

4. Leave a comment below telling me in detail why you feel you want to win this publishing pack. Please be sure to include your email address along with your comment. You can use (at) and (dot) instead of the actual symbols.

This giveaway will end on January 31, 2014. Be sure you have met all giveaway criteria so you don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. The winner will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to respond before another winner will be selected.


  1. I am the first one to comment, therefore I should win! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Dale

  2. Well, I guess my reason is that I'm a pinup collector and really admire your work. I was in the newspaper publishing and digital design, am a hobby photographer, and WWII enthusiast, so I know my stuff and yours is just excellent.

    I will appreciate it and save it. You won't see it on Ebay. :)

  3. What a nice layout and package you are offering. I feel uncomfortable telling you how much I deserve to win this, Michael but I will relate a bit about my background.

    Since I achieved puberty I've been a fan of the pin-up. Additionally being really into military aircraft and eventually becoming a military aviator I love the idea of nose art and champion the idea of it at every opportunity. Best of luck with your project and even if I don't win I will certainly purchase a copy at the first opportunity. Cheers!

  4. Of course I forgot to include my e-mail: dngrpig (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I want to win this because its beautiful! It would look great on my coffee table!

  6. I would love to win this one in a lifetime pack .jyst because im a lover of warbirds and the amazing photos you do with the models is a great way to remember thoses who flew
    Darrell King

  7. It sounds like a great collection of quality work. The design and photography are excellent.

  8. Hello Michael, Heart2Heart and Wings of Angels fans! I am Vincent and I do feel I want to win this publishing pack... for many reasons. I am a private pilot passionate with WWII history and a warbirds amateur, I love classy 1940s pinups, I love your photography and appreciate your talent, and I must add that I visited Yanks Air Museum in Chino twice and I loved it; most importantly as a Frenchman I have always been grateful for the help given to us by young Americans coming in our skies, over our beaches and in our fields, villages and cities to restore our freedom. God bless veterans and thank you to all pinup artists who helped make the sacrifice of this Generation more livable. Greetings from Versailles, France and Happy New Year. Vincent


  9. This is just fantastic. Where you wojld expect a cover letter and some sample shots you find a piece of art on it's own. It clearly shows the commitment of the photographer, the thought and effort that went into it. Of course I need to win it. ;-) torsten(dot)kieslich(at)mac(dot)com

  10. I would love to have this collection because I am a fan of you and your work. Your generosity in sharing your knowledge whenever I have asked you a photographic question has been astounding and greatly appreciated. Your work inspires me to work harder on my craft. You are one of my favorite contemporary photographers and I would love to have something that was a symbol of your passion and dedication.

  11. Big fan here love the work the style and content would love to have this collection and the opportunity to meet you someday. I am not a prefesional photographer but I love taking my camera wherever I go. Right now I am working for the Army here in Japan and really enjoy your work. My email is weslmac(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. Im so ready for the book to come out can hardly wait! What better to go with it than this publishers package! This would be asome to have Iv always loved planes growing up and really dig the pinups now that i'm a " grownup " Hope I win this one fingers crossed, congrats to whoever won the last contest, and as always great work Mike and Kathy this blog is great and filled with all kinds of neat tidbits, sending yall lots love from texas, Lance.

  13. I would LOVE to win this Publishing Pack for my hubby! He introduced me to the world of Rockabilly Music as well to the art of Pin Up seven years ago and I was hooked. I would love to win this for him as a graduation present to show how extremely proud I am of him. He is a disabled military vet (Navy, Army, and Air Force) and has overcome many obstacles including PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other physical disabilities to receive his Bachelor's degree and continues to work towards his Master’s Degree. He is truly a great example of perseverance and determination as well as an inspiration to others facing obstacles as well as to our children. Not to mention, he is a huge military history enthusiast and a big fan of Claire Sinclair. I know that this would truly mean a lot to him and it would also mean a lot to me to be able to give this to him for his great accomplishments. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a prosperous new year!

  14. I would love to win the Publishing Pack, as a disabled military veteran and history buff. I am a currently a university student in a Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation program. My Associates Degree was in history which my final project focused on WWII. Your work would be an amazing set of work to display. The beautiful women and planes only add to the period that your work captures perfectly.
    Email: C(dot)Negrette(at)Hotmail(dot)com
    Thank you for your work and the chance to own this rare set.
    Caesar Negrette

  15. Hello Wings of Angels (Mike Malak) I sat and thought Why should I win your Publishing Pack Giveaway. I guess I'm not sure why I over anyone else should win this. Except that I see Knowledge, Constant learning, Constant Practice,Hard work Huge amount of time, Great Marketing, Amazing Charisma and above all Confidence. These things I am trying to learn every day! You're work is a inspiration to me. I have had lot's of Hardship in my Life and just recently Lost many close one's. I fell into a Deep Depression and still fight this.We all have are Battles and some of us fight a Life time with them. With that being said I started doing Photography to see the Good in Life and smiles it brings to people.Yes A picture is worth a thousand words.:) I only have started a new Project Brodie Jodi's pin-ups for a Cause in hopes that I also can Help Diabetes, Heart Condition and or Cancer for this is Currently in my family and Many Amazing People I have met .Hopefully Some time soon to put together a 12 month calender to help with these causes. It' called pay it forward.Also it helps me and shows my kids that even with all the hardship I will keep trying.I have a lot to learn and get overwhelmed some times but I will continue to try to Make Good! So your work is and will be my Wings to my Angels... Thank you! for your time from

  16. I wish I could come up with some creative reason why I should get one of these packs, but I can't. All I can say is that I have long loved the vintage aircraft of WWII and I love this photography, Mr. Malak just captures the planes and the models so wonderfully. I know when the day comes that "Wings of Angels" becomes available, it will be something I will spend many, many, many hours enjoying.
    David Boiano jn1d at netzero dot com

  17. I love this kind of picture, I saw your exhibition in Belgium.
    I would like to buy the book, I do not have specially the win, but it would fun
    I ve already bought more than 20 photos 11x17 via espacecollectible.
    It's good work.
    Bartholomeus Jean-pierre
    Belgium fan

  18. This is a wonderful prize that I certainly wouldn't deserve to win but would love above all else to have. I discovered Malak Photography as a fan of pin up art and as a fledgling photographer myself. I may not realize my dream as a professional photographer but I can certainly appreciate the hard work being put into such a wonderful portolio. Another thing that has drawn me to this blog and website are the planes he has access to. I've always loved airplanes. Growing up near Castle AFB, I visited the Castle Air Museum as often as I could and grew to love vintage aircraft especially. This prize would be wonderful to display in all of it's glory not just for the beautiful photography but for the subject matter as well. Don't expect me to leave something like this locked up to be preserved; I intend to frame and display these images so everyone that passes through my door can see and appreciate them.
    Thanks for this opportunity. Nicholas L.

  19. "In no way am I a great or even experienced photographer at all. However I am a true admirer of your work on multiple levels. It's a rare case these days that you find true artistic talent when it comes to pinup photography. Many attempt it and even more don't succeed because of one thing in particular. They forget the "class" in the photo. They throw together a model, some vintage clothing, a suggestive pose and feel they have done a good job. It's neither classy nor timely. This in particular is what sets you apart an makes you a top notch photographer. You have an unbelievable attention for detail where it truly matters. You are able to make these pinup photos and bomber era work truly classic and timely as they should. Whether it's the period correct fighters and bombers in the background or the poses that aren't solely attempting to be "sexy" but truly classy as well. It's these details that give the viewer the ability to get lost for a minute in another era and really experience the photo rather than just "see" it. Your photography is top notch and in a league of its own.

    Coming from a family with several ties to World War Two I have a particular interest alone in the historical aspect regarding bomber artwork and the culture that was behind it. On one side of the family I had a grandfather in the 1st tank division and fought with Patton, where when stationed in Germany after the war is where my Grandfather of te U.S. Army met his bride (my grandmother) to be. On the other side I had a grandfather who ended as a Genreral and fought in the war and was a belly gunner in the ball turret of a B-17 Flying Fortress.

    So not only do I truly respect your work for the artistic side of I but I truly admire your work for the "war birds" side of it. The hirstorical qualities you include in your artwork is absolutely stunning, and for that I have a deep amount of respect and appreciation.

    Thus why I would be a proud collector of your work."

    With respect and high hopes,
    David Chilcote Jr

  20. Good evening,

    My name is Matthew Anderson. I am a Marine and a I am a fan of the pin-up era and genre. I enjoy your work and the composition thereof. I'm in love with the vintage era (specifically the 40's through 1960): the styling; the vehicles; the films; etc.

    There's nothing more patriotic than a thunderous American flying machine with a beautiful woman beside it. The curves of the model accentuating the curves of the aircraft and vice-versa. I feel that Mr. Malak captures in every photograph the soul of each subject (woman and aircraft) that he is shooting as well as the essence of the time period that he is evoking.

    My appreciation for this type of art has been accentuated by my military service. I worked on the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point near the flightline and I would see the AV8-B Harriers and the EA-6B Prowlers practicing maneuvers. I would think back to what the skies would have looked like with the aircraft practicing for combat in the pacific theater.

    I would be honored if you chose me to win this contest and I would display your artwork proudly.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Anderson, Matthew R.
    Cpl/USMC 2007-2011

  21. Pin ups done in good old fashioned way tastefully. Mixing this with the WWII is a sure win for me and I deserve it as much as the next guy (or gal).

    From Norway,

  22. Fingers crossed hoping I win this time, congrats on completion of the books micheal, I would be honered to add this to the books!

  23. Today is the last day!!!!! Lcb55chevy@hot