Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sponsor Center Stage ~ Yanks Air Museum

 So many of you have often left me questions wondering where are the planes located that I have used in my Wings of Angels Photographs, where you can find the wardrobe, lingerie, shoes or makeup my models use in their photos or even some of the people responsible for helping me make the Wings of Angels project a success. I decided I would dedicate these posts to a Sponsor Center Stage to give you a more in-depth look at the individual sponsors who have helped make the Wings of Angels Project a success. Today we will put Yanks Air Museum on Center Stage.

Yanks Air Museum supplied the majority of the aircraft used in the Wings of Angels Project. Yanks is a non profit organization dedicated to preserving and restoring American aircrafts and artifacts. Yanks’ houses the largest private collection of American WWII fighter, dive and torpedo bombers in the world! They are located in Chino, California and offer visitors to the Air Museum a unique look back into the aircraft of our history.

"It is appropriate that Yanks be located at Chino airport or Cal Aero Field as it was known in the 1940’s. With war imminent and the need for pilots great, the new Cal Aero Academy was built at a cost of $700,000 and was one of 42 flight schools then in operation.  Over 10,300 new pilots were trained here, most utilizing the Stearman and Vultee trainers.  In 1944 the school closed and the airport became a home to hundreds of WWII aircraft awaiting salvage or sale.  At that time a good used P-51 Mustang could be purchased for about $500."  

"Since its inception in 1973, the Yanks Air Museum has always called Chino Airport (KCNO) home.  In 1987 the museum relocated to the West end of the runway into an historic 1950’s hangar.  The original location is still used for storage of the ever growing collection.  The restoration hangar is open to allow all visitors to experience the techniques and materials used by our master craftsmen to bring these aircraft back to life. Now spread over ten acres and 170,000 square foot of display hangars and a “boneyard” the museum offers a dynamic experience to visitors of all ages." (Yanks Air Museum Website)

Yanks Air Museum offers its guests a unique experience every third Saturday of the month, An Open Cockpit Day where you can take a flight aboard a variety of aircraft from a Boeing Stearman Trainer to a AT-6 Trainer for a nominal fee. Yanks is always hosting a wide variety of events from special guest speakers to jumper training for the kids. You'll want to make sure you check their website at Yanks Air for more details. You can also stop by their Yanks Air Museum Facebook page for more information.

Yanks Air Museum is located at 7000 Merrill Avenue # 35-A270, Chino, CA 91710. Their hours are 8:00 am to 4:00pm, Monday through Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and major holidays. You can also call for more information at (909) 597-1735.

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