Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coming Soon ~ Ashten Goodenough!

That's right, this Saturday we will be spotlighting Wings of Angels Model Ashten Goodenough! So if have ever had a question you wanted to ask Ashten, this is IT! Feel free to post any questions you have for her in the comment box below and we will have the answers on Saturday, December 21st in the Model Spotlight. Feel free to ask as many as you would like and we'll select a handful for her to answer. Don't delay, ask today!!


  1. First I have to tell you miss Ashten you are so beautiful and elegant that magic style , satisfy may soul a specially nowadays

    I would like to know Do you really like this miraculous style of getting dressed which is also reminding me old times , 50'S and 40'S when were women really beautiful?

    Of course I understand if you don't answer my question


    I wish you luck miss Ashten

  2. Lets see.. you cook, sew, model, design clothes, what do you do in your free time...if you have any left? lol