Saturday, December 28, 2013

Finalizing Details

The devil is in the details or so they say. I've had the opportunity to really take a look at some of the pictures I've shot in the Wings of Angels Project while gathering pictures for the blog and it's created a sense of discipline for me to see things with new eyes. I am still finalizing pictures for the Wings of Angels Book to make sure that the ones that you see when the book is published will be something that I am truly pleased with. I've been given me one last opportunity to look over everything to ensure that I am satisfied with what will be coming out.

The most incredible thing about the Wings of Angels Project has been the stories that have been uncovered in the process. From talking to some actual WWII veterans and hearing what really went on during the war, to those current military personnel that are returning home for the war. Then there are the survivor stories, the stories of families that are part of the current war effort I discover during the photo shoots. I found out its not just about taking pictures of beautiful models and fantastic WWII aircraft. It's learning from the models themselves that their grandparents or family had served in the war, much like my own grandfather. It's being able to capture those stories in the photos I took to be able to give back a sense of that servitude and honor of our military heroes and their family.

It has also taken the models into a different sense of history as well to see these war birds up close and personal. The stories that they are even getting from emails from military personnel or interactions with people they meet has engaged them in a profound and life changing way. They have shared those in previous model spotlight posts on my blog. It really has taken this project to a whole new level and I hope that this project conveys the honor and respect that is due to every single person who has served both in the war or as a family supporting the cause.

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