Saturday, December 21, 2013

Model Spotlight ~ Ashten Goodenough

Today's Wings of Angels Model Spotlight shines its light on Ashten Goodenough, and yes, contrary to what you may believe, that is her real last name as she confirmed in our interview today. It is German in origin. Ashten was born on October 18th in Boise, Idaho and for the last six years has been living in San Diego working on her education. In fact, she just obtained her Masters in Fashion and Graphic Design this October. She plans on spending time with her dad and her friends celebrating Christmas in true California style hanging out at the beach and dining out. Oh and her favorite color is blue!

1. Are you a full-time model? And if not, what else do you do?

No, believe it or not I am modeling part time for now as I just finished getting my Masters degree this last October in Fashion and Graphic Design. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to go back to school or take up modeling more now that I have time. Still deciding.

2. What did your parents think of you being a model and were they supportive of you?

My dad was definitely the more supportive of my parents and really saw a future in that for me, while my mom was more hesitant. She was very protective and wanted me to go into the medical field. I had to learn to sift through the shady photographers out there and I think I have a really good head on my shoulders.

3. How did you feel in your first photo shoot?

Oh, I was so nervous! My first shoot was with Paige Craig in Los Angeles doing a lifestyle shoot. She made it simple in doing it on location in this beautiful park with an amazing wardrobe. It was a fun, active shoot and it was a great experience for my first photo shoot. She wanted to bring out my personality, and wanted me to simply be myself and smile and laugh. Then of course, she did what she does best and took some amazing pictures in the process.

4. If a young girl or boy wanted to be a model, what would your advice be for them?

Definitely research poses and facial expressions online and practice a lot in front of the mirror. Then find yourself an agency. Agencies can take you far in the modeling process and also keep you safe. Those two things are the best advice I can give.

5. What has it meant to you to be part of the Wings of Angels Project?

LOVED it!! It was such an honor to be picked by Michael. The funny thing is that it has been over a year since doing my photo shoot and I've met some great people in the whole process. I've met  some amazing people and we talk about the planes used in the WWII while working on fashion. It's been a trade off learning from people in the industry that combines history and fashion together and after all this time it's still benefiting me.

6. What is your favorite photo that Michael has taken of you?

It would be the one in front of the Corsair's left wing by the bombs with my left hand on my hip, saluting with one leg up. I'm wearing an Navy hat in my Secrets in Lace lingerie. I love everything about that picture. It shows everything of me and everything about the plane. 

7. What is your best memory of working with Michael?

Honestly, it would have to be all the time in between shots, just us laughing. We just clicked. He is so comforting to work with. We had a photo shot with 60 mph winds and he just created some incredible pictures despite having a difficult time to work in the wind with the hair in my face and being cold outside, and us just laughing about it. He is so good at capturing those incredible pictures. Even now our friendship remains close and we stay in constant contact.

8. How has being a part of the Wings of Angels project changed your perspective of the 1940's and WWII?

Oh I have a lot more respect and honor for pilots and the people who fought for our country. The planes, the uniforms, simply just being around all that, and I know I might sound a little corny, but it makes me truly proud to be an American!

I want to thank Ashten Goodenough for taking time out of her day to answer your questions and perhaps give you more insight into who she is as a Wings of Angels model. I leave you with a behind the scenes video of Ashten Goodenough!

Photo credits: Malak Photography, Robert Austin Photography, LTW Custom Cosmetics, Bettie Page Clothing, Ellie Shoes, Secrets in Lace Lingerie, Allen Freeman (Video Productions), Ramona Airfield, Doug Matthews (Corsair Owner), and Martin Christopher Hair and Makeup.

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