Sunday, December 8, 2013

Membership Has It's Benefits!!!

In deciding whether or not to launch a blog, I thought it would offer my fans of Wings of Angels an exclusive inside look at things I am not going to share on Facebook. It would also give you a chance to know more about the models, the process in putting this all together, exclusive member giveaways, the sponsors and people involved with the project.

So in order to make sure you receive everything I am posting, you need to become a member. So how do you do that? Simple. On the right hand side bar is a place for you to become a follower and to "Join This Site". You can use your Twitter, Yahoo or Google accounts. If you don't have one, it provides you an opportunity to create that account. Once you do, you can now post comments and you should see your icon or picture added under the followers. This is how I can validate who has signed up for the Wings of Angels Blog Membership.

For the giveaways, please make sure you follow the guidelines to enter. Most will require that you are a member, you leave a comment and to include your email. I understand the issues regarding spam protection so that is why I suggest using the words separated by commas for the place holders for (at) and (dot) instead of @ and . I need this in order to be able to contact you via email if you are chosen as the winner for whatever exclusive limited edition item I am giving away.

Creating the blog offers me more creativity to share the Wings of Angels project with you over what I can share on Facebook, and I think having an exclusive place to do that is one of the main reasons for having this in place. Offering you exclusive photos, spotlights, and giveaways is one of the major benefits for joining my Wings of Angels Project Blog.

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