Monday, December 16, 2013

Pre-Flight Check

Like any good pre-flight check it's good to review the flight procedures before take off. I thought I would spend some time showcasing some of the incredible things you can find on my blog, Wings of Angels and where they are to people who are new to blogs. A blog is a simple way to recreate a webpage of sorts but with limitations. It provides almost an extended view of Facebook and allows me to reach a different range of readers with more detail. The best part is that I can link everything from my webpage, sponsor pages, Facebook all in one location for those who read blogs or have a blog account.

My giveaways will always be featured on the top of the right hand side bar so that it's easy to find and use. Right now I am currently giving away an 18 x 24 Limited Edition Signed Print of Wings of Angels Model Caitlin Litzinger. Simply click on the picture and it will take you to exactly where you need to go to enter the giveaway along with all the details of what you need to do.

Beneath that is a place for you to follow my Wings of Angels Blog via email. Simply click the link and enter your email. Then every time I update a post, you receive it in your email. This does not meet the criteria of the giveaway to become a follower.

To do that simply click just below the email link to where it contains the Followers Box. By clicking on "Join This Site" button, you will be asked which account you wish to use to sign up. You can use Google, Yahoo or Twitter to sign up. If you don't have one of those accounts, you can create one while you are there. You then have the option of creating a default icon or adding a personal picture under your name in the followers box. This is a requirement for the giveaways is you must be a follower of my blog Wings of Angels.

Below the Followers box is are different links for you to find my Wings of Angels products to purchase like T-shirts, Limited Edition Prints, Gallery Prints, Nose Art Steel Signs with more to come in the very near future. Be sure to check out this sites if you are interested in any of the product you have seen or are interested in a particular print for purchase.

Next are the sponsor links that have been a part of the Wings of Angels Project. I will be updating the side bar as they are added in the blog posts. Simply click on their banner links to find out more about their company and how you can find particulate products like clothing, shoes or makeup or even where you can see some of the planes that are featured in the Wings of Angels photographs and videos.

Finally if you are looking for a particular blog post I've written, they are all listed in the order they are written. I will be adding a search box to make finding that particular post easier. As always I am open for suggestions on some things you might like to see. Please feel free to comment below and let me know.

Remember the Wings of Angels Blog will contain exclusive Behind the Scenes Photographs that have never been published, Model Spotlight Interviews, an in-depth look at what is happening with the Wings of Angels projects, new products for purchase and much, much more, so don't miss out. Become a Wings of Angel Member today!!!

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