Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just A Quick Reminder

There is still time left to ensure you are part of my latest giveaway for an Exclusive Wings of Angels Publishing Pack. This is not something that you can buy or find on Ebay and is truly a one of a kind must have for collectors of WWII models and aircraft.

So what does this publishing pack include? I can tell you from personal experience as Michael's sister, in seeing this close up from that just the packaging alone is incredible with Claire Sinclair on the cover. This Wings of Angels Publishing Pack box alone was hand crafted personally to house the items you will find inside. The box measures 1 1/8 inches thick, by 17 3/4 inches long by 11 3/4 inches wide. Inside you will find a mock up draft induction notice, project overview sheets and detailed book description, a Wings of Angels Newspaper Front Page, an 11 x 17 print on silver metallic paper of cover model Claire Sinclair with embossed logo, a sample of Jessamyne Rose's mock up book layout which includes (2) pages of black and white prints, (2) pages of color prints, and (2) pages of sepia tone prints;  A sponsor sample proof sheets of Claire Sinclair, Alexa Rajcova, Sarah Barton, Rosie the Riveter (features all three Rosie's used for the book, Lexie Weege, Amanda Varela, and Angela Riccio,) which each sponsor sheet showcases 8 different images per sheet; (3) mock up vintage Coca Cola ads featuring Alexa Rajcova, Claire Sinclair, and Kacie Marie. All prints in this publishing pack measure 11 x 17 and are hand numbered and signed by Michael Malak. 

When Mike brought this to me over Christmas, I was simply floored by the exceptional packaging. I would have been happy simply to have the box alone. This entire package contains so many wonderful prints from WWII Pinups to the vintage Coca Cola ads that my daughters wanted to display, to a wonderful WWII draft induction notice and front page of a newspaper and so much more. You WON'T believe just how much is in this pack and the pictures don't do it justice at all. There is so much creativity that was placed into each piece of this publishing pack that if you don't get in on the opportunity to sign up, you will have missed out big time!

By the way, I did not give my daughters their Coca Cola prints because I wanted the publishing pack to stay intact. They did ask me how to participate in the giveaway so they could have a shot at it and here's what I told them.

1. Click on the link to the giveaway, Exclusive Wings of Angels Publishing Pack Giveaway. 

2. If you do not have a Twitter, Yahoo or Google account, simply click on the tab to the right hand side of the Wings of Angels Blog and click on the button that says "Join This Site." Once there it will tell you how to create a Google, Yahoo or Twitter Account. If you already have a Google, Yahoo or Twitter Account, simply click on the "Join This Site" button as well and you will be asked to become a follower of the Wings of Angels Blog. It will walk you through all the steps including selecting a picture for your follower icon.

3. Simply click on the comment button at the end of the giveaway blog post to add your comment. Tell us why you think you should win this exclusive giveaway in detail if possible. You could share with us what you plan on doing with it, who you plan on giving it to, or tell us what has motivated you to enter the giveaway. The more details the better! You never know your story just might inspire the panel that will chose the giveaway winner!

4. Don't forget to include your email address. You can even use the words (at) and (dot) instead of the symbols for spamming security. But if you don't include it, we can't notify you if your the lucky winner! Who wants to miss out on that.

5. Finally, just by being a Facebook follower doesn't mean you're entered. We are verifying all the criteria is being followed to ensure you're entered to win. But don't forget if you haven't stopped by the Malak Photograpy Facebook page or Michael's personal Facebook page, be sure you do and "Like" his page.

The giveaway ends on January 31st and we will be emailing the winner at that time. You will have 72 hours to reply to the email before another winner will be selected. So don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. 

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