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Model Spotlight - Judy Luck

Today's Model Spotlight proudly highlights Wings of Angels Model Judy Luck, a born and bred native of Southern California who is as multi-talented in pin up modeling as she is in burlesque, and hula a go-going in her group The Hula Girls. Born on November 23rd, this 26-year-old is as beautiful as she is wise in our behind the scenes interview where she tells us her favorite color is green and she's even studying Anthropology!

1. What would you say to people who don't know where to start or how to get going to make their dreams a reality? 

I would have to say to focus on what you want, what your dream really is. I would have them search out someone like a role model or mentor who is doing just what you want and have them give you some advice. Be sure to ask about there experiences and listen to their stories.

2. What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned from failure?

I have found that no matter what mistakes we make in life, there is always something for you to learn from it. You need to stay positive and not dwell on the negative things. I myself have learned just recently about being more independent and I'm learning more about myself along the way. Who I really am.

3. No matter who you are, critics are plenty and criticism hurts. What have you learned about managing the impact of criticism whole moving forward on purpose?

Personally, it can be very, very difficult. People will often talk about your appearance, things they might not like but I have found you have to be a lot like the celebrities and just not look at it. You know who you are inside and you can only be the best version of YOU.

Professionally, people will always want more of you but you still need to remember to be the best version of who you are and work hard at it.

4. If you could live in any period of history, which would it be and why?

I am a fan of the 1930's. Even though it was in the midst of war time, and even hearing about those struggles from my great grandparents,they always stuck together. It's not like that anymore. Families are busy, people are always on the go, we loose sight of what is important.I also love that old Hollywood look. The beautiful pictures that showed a much more glamorous side of life even though it may not have been 100% of what was going on at the time. It was still beautiful to look at, an escape, a dream.

5. Who has been your greatest role model and why?

My grandma on my dad's side even though I look up to all my grandma's. She has been through two divorces, and had to raise two children all on her own. Even though times were hard and she might have had to eat popcorn for dinner just so her kids could eat, she is amazing. She is fun and truly enjoys life to the fullest. She went zip-lining for her latest birthday and we are even taking a circus class together now!

6. What was it like working with Michael on the Wings of Angels Project?

I had three shoots with Michael and I think he is using two of them right now. It was an amazing experience. It was everything people imagine and then not everything they imagine a pin up shoot to be at the same time. You had people doing your hair and make-up, giving you amazing clothes to wear and he just has an amazing team working with him overall. We got some great photos, that I even wonder how that's me! It was fun and goofy, playing around with different poses. I've had times where working with some photographers made you feel uncomfortable but not with Michael. I am obsessed with museums and when I had time I kept asking, "Can I go look at the planes now?" I really wanted to see them and talk to the people in the museum.


7. How has working on the Wings of Angels project changed you?

It has opened a lot of new doors for me. I used to be seen as "cutesie" and I mentioned this to Mike. He took more glamorous pictures of me and allowed people to see a different side of me. The best part has been something I did for my great grandfather who passed away recently. He served and flew in the war in the Air Force.With the help of my family we did some searching and found out which planes he flew, as well as more history,that will be in the book as a dedication to him and the service he provided for his country.

8. What has been your greatest success in life?

Being 26, this is difficult because I'm working towards what may be my greatest successes, but I would have to say being in my band, The Hula Girls. I never thought I would say I would be in a band, but after 4 years with them they are one of the happiest things in my life. I discovered a community and culture that I never knew existed within the tiki community. I am also able to use my dance background to create shows for all age groups and I have made a great new group of friends along the way

9. What is your favorite photo that Mike has taken of you?

It would probably be the one I post all the time of me. It's a shot of me, sideways full body, in lingerie next to the plane. It is such a glamorous picture and even though I'm not wearing a lot, I see that picture and think, "That's me!" It's like nothing I've ever had.

10. If you could provide any advice for anyone looking to become a model, what would you say?

A lot of things. Get yourself a separate wardrobe of things you will never wear in the real world, but would definitely wear at a photo shoot. If you are going for pinups, do a lot of research. Research poses, life styles, hair and make up for the look you want. There has been a resurgence of new pin up looks but it is not like the classic pin ups at all. Seek out people you want to work with, make up, photographers, etc to find those people who take the pictures you are interested in. Find your look and what you want.

Thank you Judy Luck for taking the time today to answer these questions and giving us a little more insight into your life and into what makes you truly one of the Wings of Angels Models.

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You can keep in touch with Judy Luck by visiting her Facebook page The Hula Girls.

We leave you now with a look into the Behind the Scenes photo shoot with Judy Luck on the Wings of Angels project.

Photo Credits: Michael Malak, Malak, Yanks Air Museum, Betty Paige Clothing, Secrets in Lace Lingerie, Ellie Shoes, LTW Custom Cosmetics, Hair and Makeup Martin Christopher, Christina Marie, Allen Freeman (Video), Robert Austin Photography (Behind the Scenes Photos)

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